It is a well-known fact that smoking reduces fitness. It does this in a number of ways, main reason by reducing the amount of oxygen available in the body. Since oxygen plays a major role in energy production, even a minor depletion has an impact on physical performance.

A common excuse for not giving up smoking is saying that it will be difficult. Change your mindset…think about this- “It is more difficult to smoke than it is not to smoke”.

This is why smoking is difficult….

  • You need to have a packet of cigarettes and an ashtray
  • You have to carry matches or lighters
  • Dispose of Ashes
  • Deal with smelly fingers and stained teeth
  • Earn money to pay for this disgusting habit
  • Be careful exhaling toxic fumes
  • Cough up nicotine residue from your lungs
  • Buy lighter fluid and flints
  • And on…and on….and on……..

The truth is that continuing to smoke is the real difficulty and changing your habit involves one simple thing – NOT SMOKING.

The belief that your habit is going to be hard to change is only a belief…making something dificult in your mind before you even undertake the effort is an excuse. Nothing in the world is difficult for those that set their mind to it.





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