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Weights Before Cardio OR Cardio Before Weights?

The answer to that question is yes to both because it depends on what your goal is. If your goal is general health then it isn’t that important which you do first although a combination of both would generally be the most effective.  If your goal is to increase your cardiovascular endurance then do cardio […]

Is exercise important for weight loss……

Like most things in health, super beneficial when you’ve got the right formula. Diet + exercise = RESULTS! I’m an advocate for weight loss happens in the kitchen….there is no amount of exercise that can outrun a bad diet. Exercise CAN make you hungrier and eat more – and that’s especially true of people who […]

How to Get Rid of That Fat Around Your Belly……

Visceral fat is commonly known as belly fat. It’s found inside your abdominal cavity and wraps around your internal organs. It’s hard to judge how much visceral fat you have. However, a protruding belly and large waist are two signs that you have too much of it. On the other hand, subcutaneous fat is stored […]

Super Rugby Trophy Comes To Get2it Fitness Studio……

Some feel good endorphins were flowing after this morning Metapower Session at 9am! Super energy charged group…the presence of this magnificent trophy had everyone pushing out their best efforts! This impressive trophy weighs 15kgs and I had some fun squat and pressing it 😉 The Super Rugby Trophy is a sterling silver trophy awarded to the winner of the Super […]

Goal Setting Tips….A Must Read

I’m a big believer in setting goals. I’m also a big believer in planning and putting steps in place to achieve your goals. One of my favorite quotes is: “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Goal Setting Have you thought about what you want to be doing in five years’ time? Do you know what […]

Does Body Weight Matter In The Pursuit To Get Fit…..

This is a fabulous article from REPS NZ, outlining the importance of exercise regardless of your body shape. As a personal trainer, I focus on getting people moving. I believe Strong Fit and Powerful are more important than body image. I stress to all my clients that getting your most important muscle group (YOUR HEART) working […]

Why I’m sick of hearing it’s so easy for you?

I’m out of bed most days between the hours of 4.30am and 6am, with the exception of Sunday, that is my day that I like to snuggle in bed a bit longer. I often get called crazy for doing this, asked why I do it or told you’re so lucky that you’re a morning person (that’s […]

Get2it…..the 30 Minute Group Exercise Specialists

Get2it Fitness is now offering a newly developed programme from Metafit called MetaPWR (MetaPower) It is a thirty minute circuit class that combines resistance and bodyweight exercises to target and develop strength, power, agility, and cardiovascular efficiency. We love Metapower for helping build strength something we all need to work on as we get older, […]

The reason you need to do a spin (indoor cycling class) today!…….

DO YOU LOVE SPIN? Are you wanting to join a class…I have a couple of bikes available 6am Wednesday and 6am Friday! My first entry into life as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor was taking spin classes. 10 years later I’m still taking them and I still LOVE taking them! I can so […]

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